Conversations Transform

A program for those everywhere who believes conversations can transform society and self.


Having transforming conversations is a skill and an art. During the program we’ll explore both. This is a practical and interactive program with the aim to support you to actually DO conversations that transform in your daily life.


If you would like to become a coach and have conversations that transform for a career or if you would like to have conversations that transfrom within the current work you do – this is a program designed for you.

I’ve found that you are probably having these conversations already if this is a program you are interested in. This program is here to help you to do what you already doing naturally well, to bring more intention and even more effectiveness to your conversations.

I specifically invite people who I’ve spend some time and whom if got to know better. If I invite you, it means I believe you have the potential to greatly influence and impact this world (and you probably doing this already), one conversation at a time.


As you’ll practice the art and skill of having conversations that transform, you yourself will walk out of the program realizing indeed, you have transformed too.

The program runs over 3 months during which we touch on the essentials of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) and Neurotic-Semantics (NS). These fall in the fields of Cognitive Behavioral, Self-Actualization, and Positive Psychology. This psychology is the foundation for the Meta-Coaching methodology. From which we’ll visit the 7 core coaching skills within the Meta-coaching system, namely, supporting, listening, questioning, meta-questioning, giving & receiving feedback and states.

Furthermore, we will cover principles and practice of Theory U, work that has been done through the Presencing Institute out of MIT. We’ll explore neuroscience, specifically what’s relevant and related to communication. And, our experience as executive coaches, group facilitators, and leadership trainers, with real-life stories and examples of what we’ve experienced from our clients. 


The program runs over 3 months with 6 group sessions and offline work. The groups are usually no more than 8 people to unsure space for exploring, reflecting and questions within the group sessions.

We use the facilities of Zoom for the group sessions, which allows us to break into even smaller groups for conversation practice.

This is not a theoretical course only. The main focus is for you to practice the conversations to go do them out there where it matters most.

Next Step?

We start off with an intro call (which is free) to see if this program is indeed a good fit for you and to give further detail about what to expect.

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