An Invitation Into One’s Own Life

The weight of this overbearing event, that has completely taken over our lives in almost every way, has placed a question and a future before us that remains unanswered. The uncertainty in which we now find ourselves, for we do not have a map to navigate this ‘never-walked-on-before-path’, has stricken fear in the minds and hearts of us all. Where do we turn to in a time like this?

I am certain that I do not have the answers, now more than ever. For the responsibility we have is not to produce an answer for all of life’s problems or this earth and all its creatures. We can only be responsible for ourselves. We can only respond to the problems life presents to us personally. And yet it is of course an inherent need for each individual to have a positive impact within their world. The reality is however, that collectively we are still creating results in conflict of this need. We are collectively contributing to an unsustainable ecological system. One that results in our planet’s resources being exhausted, our animals becoming extinct and badly treated, and our people living in poverty and depression.

This is in direct conflict with our highest intention – to make a positive impact. 

Having the privilege to have conversations with entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, freelancers, parents, creatives, educators, fellow coaches, and medical workers during this time, it is clear that there are common themes throughout. These themes are global and not only to a specific nation. These themes are widespread and not only to a specific social class. What do these unanswered questions mean for us as a human race, for our communities, for my family, and for me personally?

The weight of this overbearing event is pressing us to a stronger and deeper questioning into our own life.

For when things become truly and utterly difficult, we are already closer to our point of transformation. An inevitable part of life is death. Although we try our best to ignore this, we experience death’s presence with every change we endure.

We must learn to die. We must learn to die slowly.

This means to let go.

Even to let go of our idea of ourselves. This is at the heart of transformation. When we die slowly, we are not hindering the transformation that would naturally unfold. For we join the nature of all things. Which is; everything changes.

We join the impermanence of all that existed before us and is yet to exist. And in this way when we are in the ‘here and now’, the space where there is no time, we are with all of existence. All of what came before and all of what is still to emerge. At the point of transformation. In this way when we transform ourselves we become the transformers of the earth. Not by our efforts of brilliance, but rather by continuing to die within ourselves. This allows for the future to emerge within us. This transformation isn’t seen by others. It is not physical, you cannot see it in the mirror. We carry it within us. And it radiates through our being. 

I do not know if I can say more on this. I rely on you to walk the rest of the path.

When you lose your way and bump into fear, let silence be your compass.

It always serves me well as a reminder to die slowly and return to the changing nature of all things. 

I wish you well on this most important journey.

Bookshelf suggestions for a Curious Reader:

Maria Rilke – The Dark Interval, Letters to a grieving Heart.

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