People often ask me, “Why are you doing this?”.

At first I started giving rational answers like; “To live in a van gives me the freedom to choose wherever I want to be at any point in time” or “To travel through South Africa gives me the opportunity to interact with all the diverse communities and places in our beautiful country”.

But I have now realized that those reasons are not the real ones. People who have genuinely been taken over by an idea usually can’t answer the question “Why?” and therefore they’re at the risk of sounding crazy if they do. My best attempt at answering is that I can’t not do it.

I’m on the path in a 1983 Suzuki Half Loaf with my little dog Benji and his “stick-it-to-the-man” spirit.

Along the way, strangers become friends and getting lost means finding a new path.

Happily lost,

Jaco Fourie